Feed the Beasts/ Next Year

This will most likely be my last post of the semester, so here it goes. Fantasy owners everywhere understand that they invest a lot in a player that they draft in the first or second rounds. They have certain expectations for those players more than every other player on their roster. The reason is simple. It is because those players taken in the first couple rounds are the best players in the league. At this point in the fantasy season, you should rely on your stars to produce. Don’t be messing with your lineup in the playoffs. “Start the starts, bench the rest” is my motto. With that being said, this message goes out to head coaches around the league… I understand teams invest millions of dollars in star players and do not want them them to get injured, but as athletes, and as competitors teams have to get the ball to their best players. The Cowboys and Steelers are great examples. Todd Haley, offensive coordinator for the Steelers said ” we will take all that [Le’Veon Bell] can give down the stretch”. This is a team that has a young 22 year old running back that has proven to be an absolute stud this year, and they are not afraid of handing him the rock as many times as possible. The Cowboys have the best back in the league right now in DeMarco Murray, and still in week 14 are giving him the rock 40+ times. This seems stupid to many because some people believe that it could ruin his career, but teams that are fighting for playoff spots only care about one thing, WINNING! If it means giving your best player the ball 40 times a game, then so be it.

Same goes for wide receivers. I expect guys like C. Johnson, A.Green, J.Jones, D, Bryant, A, Brown and other stars to get double digit targets every game. These guys must be your primary options week in and week out. You pay them to perform and create mismatches. Bottom line is feed the beasts, give them the ball until they throw up. This time of the year is where the cream rises to the top. Something clicks for superstar athletes when the pressure is on to perform and your team and organization is leaning on your shoulders. I believe in the saying “to be the best you have to beat the best” When it comes down to it in the playoffs and you need a big play the question all fantasy owners should ask themselves is ” can I trust this guy to get the job done?” If the answer is yes, then he might be someone you want to keep an eye on for next years draft.

Go back to your regular season and look at your match ups where you needed big things to happen and look who performed well. Those are the guys that I would target next year in the draft. I know most of it is luck, but it makes for a much less stressful season if you draft a guy who you trust no matter how he performs. I was 2-6 at one point this season, but found a way to finish 7-6, finish second in the league in points and make the playoffs. This is because I didn’t give up on my stars and they ended up producing for me late in the season. I believe that to be a good fantasy owner you must look beyond the stats and just look at the player himself. For example, Calvin Johnson sucked most of the year, he was my 4th overall pick. He got hurt and wasn’t 100%, but I stuck with him and he ended up paying dividends for me as he exploded for 10/146/2 on Thanksgiving, which allowed me to clinch a playoff spot. This is because he is Calvin Johnson. There really is no other reason. Some guys just know when to turn it on and how to do it. Another guy who is not on the same level of talent, but can produce is Ben Roethlisberger. This guy is a two time Superbowl Champ and just flat out knows how to win football games. He is not what you would call a fantasy starting QB, but he is trustworthy. I can confidently start Ben most weeks because I know the Steelers are making a push for the playoffs, and I know he’s been a tough competitor over the years, so he is a guy I don’t mind starting. These are deep fantasy thoughts, but it does make sense in fantasy terms. Try to apply these methods to your drafts and see where it takes you.



I was trying to think of ways that my blog can get noticed. Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, etc. are viable options, but I think that it is not enough. If I post on my Twitter and Facebook accounts it will only be seen by hundreds of people.I think the best way for my blog to get out there is for it to be posted to Google. Millions of people use Google everyday, if there was a way that key words in someones search can somehow match to my blog and have it be on the first or second page of the Google search. If this could happen I think my blog will get noticed at some point. The reason I chose not to use Twitter or Facebook is because the people that will see my blog are my friends, which is not enough. This is a sports blog, so there are millions of other people who love to watch, play, bet, and read about sports, so this blog will suit them very well. Google is one of the largest search engines in the world, so hopefully someone will see my blog, and help me spread the word.



GoAnimate was very easy to use. I think the hardest part of the assignment was being creative enough to pick a scene and be able to make a short story about it. My scene was created because I picked the White House background. I just thought i would put  President Obama and Mit Romney in there because that was the easiest to get across to the public. In the directions is said you can pull something that actually happened or put a twist on something that happened. I decided to put a twist on mine because I thought I would try and make it funny, but at the same time know it is based off of true events. I went online to search through the actual 2012 presidential debates between Governor Romney and President Obama. I found a joke that Obama made during the debate, and used it. The twist I gave it was that the response from Mit Romney was very unprofessional, but comical at the same time. GoAnimate is interesting because it really allows you to make anything you want with any scene. It took me a while to try and figure out what scene and story I wanted to do, but after I figured that out the rest came pretty smoothly.

Week 11 Wrap Up

Week 11 got pretty wild in the fantasy world. after a 2-6 start I am now 5-6 and rolling on the back of Le’Veon Bell. The reason why Bell’s performance was so special was because watching him run can only be described as beautiful. It is a gorgeous thing to watch Bell wheel and deal, cut and juke, spin and win. His vision and patience is smooth as can be, and his power is jaw dropping. He is quickly turning into one of the most feared backs in the league. His final stat line was 204 yards on 33 carries adding 18 yards on 2 receptions. When you see a back, after his 25th carry, get up and start barking you know he is feeling it and is in the zone. Nothing the D can do about a great back getting into a rhythm.  Bell will be on many fantasy championship teams this year.

Packers roll.. duh

i guess Jonas Gray just tore shit up…. Brady had a sub-par game and they still hung 50 on a solid Colts D on the road. Impressive stuff from New England.

This week was the week of the running back. It was interesting to see how many backs got a ton of work. Usually if a RB gets 25 carries that’s a lot and they mostly go for about 15-20.

Gray 38 carries

Blue 36 carries

Bell 33 carries

Mason 29 carries

Hill 27 carries

This type of workload for these backs could lead your team to victory down the stretch.

What’s wrong with Detroit’s offense? After years of the offense being the only bright spot on this team, now the D is the strong point. Matt Stafford is struggling big time, and he is hurting everyone else around him. I know Johnson has been out for a lot of the year, but now he is back and they are still struggling. It really isn’t that hard Detroit. stops running 5 yard out routes to Theo Riddick, and start airing it out to 81. He is still the best, so just do it. Things don’t get easier as they take on the scorching hot Pats in week 12.

This next topic is tough to talk about, but it has to be done. There is really no excuse for that pitiful effort from Eli Manning and the offensive line. I hate to single him out, but the defense played great for he most part and the receivers were making plays for the most part, but Eli was just not reading the field well at all. He didn’t look like a former champ this week, and when he does things like this it makes me wonder how he won 2 Super Bowls. Eli, Tom Coughlin, and Ben Mcadoo need to sit down and evaluate where they are right now as a team because they are 3-7 now, and it is not looking too bright…. besides Odell Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham is the only thing right now giving Giants fans excitement week in and week out. He continues to makes plays every week. Giants fans are seeing a star being born before our eyes. The fact that Eli Manning checked into all three fades on the goal line just tells me that he had no clue what to do, and threw it up and hoped his receivers made a play. Bottom line is the Niners fooled him all day.

J.R. Smith Steals Melo’s Thunder

I know it is still football season, but I have to weigh in on the Knicks debacle last night. Ok, so the Knicks played the Orlando Magic last night in the Garden. Let us look past the fact that it was an awful display of basketball. Just two horrible teams going at it in the dog days of November, but nonetheless Carmelo Anthony had his game. The real issue I had with the Knicks was not the fact that the Magic took them down to the wire at MSG, but the fact that Anthony did not take the last shot for the Knicks. J.R. Smith I have one question for you, ” What were you thinking, bro?” Oh yeah, that’s right, you weren’t! I know it is early in the season, but I think this is a big issue. J.R. finally had a good game, but he still ended with under 20 points, while Carmelo got his 27.

Let me actually get to the main point of this post. The next time J.R. pulls up for a contested 30 footer with an open Melo just posting his dude up at the three point line calling for the ball, and completely bricks it,  Derek Fisher should rip him a new one. There is no excuse for the game to end the way it did without your best player and one of the most cold blooded scorers in the game not to at least get an opportunity to tie or win the game. These type of mental lapses are inexcusable. J.R., you are a professional athlete, WAKE UP!

” Don’t worry, I got you dog”

College Basketball Preview Bitly QR code


I know it seems early, but it is never too early to talk a little bball. The preseason rankings are out and to tell you the truth this season has the makeup for a top heavy season. The top 8 or 9 teams are miles better than the rest. The top 4 teams are pretty solid right now.

1. Kentucky: You know the saying “next man up”, well coach Cal’s philosophy is “next team up”. Every year this guy recruits absolute stub ballers , and with the return of the Harrison twins, this season could be the best Kentucky team since the great Anthony Davis team of 2012.

2.Arizona: These Wildcats can play some serious basketball. They only issue is that they are going to be without last year’s leading scorer Nick Johnson, but they return most of their starters from last year and have a dynamite recruiting class. Stanley Johnson will be a phenom this year and will carry the Wildcats into March

3. Wisconsin:  This is my favorite team in the top 10 minus Louisville of course. “Bo Knows”, no, not Bo Jackson, but Bo Ryan. Bo Ryan is a great college basketball coach. This team is designed a little differently than the other top teams this year, but that is what makes them great. This team will hop on the back of big Frank Kaminsky. Kaminsky is a preseason Wooden Award hopeful, and is considered by many as the best college basketball player in the country.

4. Duke: I hate Duke… I will still give coach K love for putting up a solid squad year in and year out, but this year coach K got aggressive with recruiting. He has already announced that his star freshman center Jhalil Okafor will declare for the draft next summer. Anyway coach K pulled a play out of Kentucky’s playbook this off-season buy recruiting a plethora of talent with Okafor and Tyus Jones to go along with some seasoned veterans like Quinn Cook and Rasheed Suilamon.

Let’s skip a few…

8. Louisville: First off, I am the biggest Louisville basketball fan New Jersey has to offer. I am expecting a solid season from the Rick Pitino led Cards. Every year Louisville goes under the radar because they don’t recruit one and done type players, but Uncle Rick has a few tricks up his sleeve every year. He has young talent mixed with savvy veterans like Montrezl Harrell and Wayne Blackshear. The rest of the roster is made up of Freshman and Sophomores. It should be interesting to see how well they do this year. Everyone who knows a lick of college basketball will know that Lousiville starts really playing good ball by February into March. If it looks like they are struggling in December and January, don’t worry they will be right there at the end.

Overall, college basketball is my bread and butter, so I will be all over this the week after Thanksgiving. Mark these two dates down on your calendar

November 14th- (first game) #8 Louisville @ Minnesota

December 27th- #8 Louisville vs. #1 Kentucky

Week 10 wrap up

Week 10 was a good week, I am now rolling with a 4-6 record, with 3 weeks left in the regular season. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Calvin Johnson for returning to my lineup, posting a solid 7/113/1 line. With that said I would like to also give a shout out to the Giants next superstar, and I am not exaggerating. Odell Beckham Jr. is the real deal. I know us Giants fans said that about Victor Cruz, but this is different. I can feel it. Beckham has had some incredible games for a rookie, and he missed the first half of the season and all preseason. It’s not everyday where a rookie goes into Seattle and posterizes Richard Sherman multiple times. The dude can flat out play football, He has great hands, excellent speed, superb rout running, and he is poised as hell. He doesn’t chatter out there. He just suits up and goes to work. He does things the Giants way. There are times where I  watch him and I want him to get in someone’s face and show some emotion. After catching a big 40 yarder on Sherman he got up and got right in the defending Super Bowl champ’s face. This honestly gave me goosebumps, and will for years to come. NFL corners will dred facing him in the future.

Other news, Since Aaron Rodgers said “R-E-L-A-X” the Packers are 5-1 and A-Rod has thrown 20 TD’s to only 2 picks. He’s the man.

The Bears are basically one more bad game away from quitting the franchise. There is no history in Chicago anyway, so no one will care….

Let’s give Mark Sanchez a little love. I don’t give a shit if you hate him or not. I am going to give the guy credit for his performance this season. Maybe it just takes the right system, and an injury here and there, for a guy to finally find his game.

For a fantasy outlook, I am hoping and praying Big Ben snaps out of whatever that was against the Jets quickly cause I need him next week on Monday Night.

Speaking of the Jets… They would be a .500 team right now if Michael Vick started from week one. The team has an actual quarterback now and they defensive front speaks for itself. This is horrible news for Jets fans cause now instead of the potential 2-14 Geno season, they will get a 5-11 Vick team and miss out on Jamies, Mariota, or Cooper. Typical Jets, can’t get out of their own way, Mediocrity at its finest.

My next fantasy game is gunna be a tough one. I am playing a fellow Giants fan who has not realized that Tom Brady is on his roster because I am pretty sure he has started Eli for most of the season, which I absolutely respect because Eli is the fcking man. But we all know what will happen now. He will start Tom, and he will go off on Sunday Night football. These are things a 4-6, soon to be 5-6 fantasy team has to deal with.

Dear Ben,

Throw 5 TD’s.  none to Antonio Brown.

Your Friend

Jimmy Pastena